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Co. Dublin

Adult Groups

Adult Training

Couch to 5k (C25K) - Beginners

Only once a year so have a look out on our social media for dates

This group is aimed at people who have never run before and would like to challenge themselves with something new. It is also ideal for those who have run in the past and would like to get back to running again after injury etc.  Once the C25K program is complete our athletes have the option of moving to the next level.  The program will run on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm for 8 weeks with day 3 of each week at the local park run.


Fit for Life

Fit for LIfe is for those who want to run in a non competitive environment and have fun running with others.  It is split into two groups.  The first is aimed at our C25K graduates to maintain their 5k level and improve their 5k times. It is also suitable for those who want to return to running after injury or time out of sport and want to start again.

The second group is for those who want to run faster 5ks,10ks, 10 miles, half and full marathons.  We have a wonderful team of coaches for every pace so no one is left behind.  Our athletes can run a 5k in any time between 26 and 45 minutes.

Fit for Life meet on a Monday and Wednesday night at 7pm.  Athletes take part in parkruns and road races. We also introduce throwing on occasion during the summer months.

Fit for Life Training plan 

Monday at 7pm - Easy chatting paced running to build stamina and aerobic fitness

Wednesday at 7pm - Intervals and hill training to build strength and speed

Saturday - Long slow runs - LSR's organised by members 

We always start with dynamic warmups, and finish with static cooldowns and of course loads of chatting. Our group is essentially about being consistent and having a Fit for Life mentality in a fun and social environment.  We also have advice to share on nutrition and strength training.  


The Developing Squad

This group is learning about how to control and maintain pace for easy running.  Intervals to build stamina and strength.  Members who want to run longer distances such as 10k, 10 Miles, half and full marathons.  It would also suit more advanced and intermediate runners coming back from injury.  And individuals who want to run a parkrun under 30 mins and improve their fitness and general health.  Fit for Life members have the option of joining this group too.  

The Developing Squad training plan

Tuesdays - easy running

Thursday - intervals or easy miles for those who interested in building base fitness

Saturday - Parkruns or LSR's


Intermediate Group  

This group is the next stepping stone to longer & more endurance running.  The training is aimed at building pace alongside increasing distance over time.  The group is mixed ability with some maininting 5km distance with quicker speed while others increase both speed and distance up to half marathon & marathon level.  This group meets Tuesday nights at 7pm for structured training (Hill, interval, Tempo & Fartlek).  They also meet on Saturday mornings for interval training in Newbridge House at 9.30am.  All athletes at this level are encouraged to train a further 1-2 times extra per week also.

Advanced Interval Group

This group train together on Wednedays at 7pm for long intervals and a Saturday mornings at 9.30am for a full interval session. These athletes are encouraged to take part in middle distance athletics Ireland competition, half and full marathons. 


Masters/Seniors - Track and Field -  competitive Sprinting, throwing and jumping

We have a level 4 Track and Field Coach training at various times and locations. Please contact Dara Carr on 0876599847 or Enda Gavigan on 0862446973, for more details.  This group are a competitive track and field group taking part in sprinting, jumping and throwing competition.


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