Lambay Sports & Athletics

Founded 2011

Co. Dublin

Our Groups



We run 2 - 3 C25k's annually. 

This group is aimed at people who have never run before and would like to challenge themselves with something new or is ideal for those who have run in the past and would like to get back to running again.  Once the C25K program is complete our athletes have the option of moving to the next levels.  The program runs on Tuesday & Thursday night at 7.15pm for 8 weeks with day 3 of each week being a solo run or join the local park run


3-5KM Group

Our 3-5km group is aimed at those just completing the C25K and would like to maintain the 5km level.

This group meets Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7pm for structured training. 

Most athletes in this group would aim to do a further solo training run most weekends usually their local park run or indeed meet up with another group member and train together.


5K+ Group

This group is the next stepping stone to longer & more endurance running.  

The training is aimed at building pace alongside increasing distance overtime.

The group is mixed ability with some maininting 5km distance with quicker speed while others increase both speed and distance up to half marathon.

This group meets Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7pm for structured training (Hill, interval, Tempo & Fartlek)

All athletes at this level would train a further 1-2 times extra per week also.


Half & Full Marathon Group

This group trains together on Saturday morning at 10.30 for a full interval session.

Athletes within this group train for speed & distance together outside of structured training.


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