Role of the Treasurer

It is absolutely paramount that reliable and accurate financial records on all transactions are kept. This responsibility falls directly onto the Club Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for the safe keeping of the club funds and also the collection of subscriptions, depositing monies, paying the bills, issuing receipts, preparing year end accounts and keeping up-to-date records of all financial transactions. The treasurer must not commit the club to any expenditure for which prior approval has not been given. Some banks may offer free banking to sports clubs, so with this in mind consider opening an account with a bank that is close and will offer 24-hour phone or internet banking. Statements should be obtained every month to check all transactions.

All deposits should be made as soon as possible.

Main Duties

  • Managing all income and expenditure, including banking arrangements
  • Managing legal requirements where required
  • Reports regularly to the committee/chairperson on the club’s financial status
  • Prepares /presents financial year end report to AGM
  • Financial planning, budgeting and monitoring throughout the year

Skills Required

  • Be well organised
  • Confidence dealing with figures
  • Be very honest and trustworthy
  • Take great care when handling money and cheques
  • Keep up-to-date information and be able to answer any questions on the accounts
  • Be able to keep very accurate records