Role of the Chairperson

The role of the Chairperson is to manage the club in an efficient and effective manner, while at all times keeping in mind the club constitution. They have overall control, giving direction, keeping focus and providing guidance.

The chairperson should be elected at the AGM. At meetings the chairperson takes charge of the meetings and ensures that those present are heard in a fair and equal manner

Main Duties

  • Chair committee meetings and Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure appropriate documents, including minutes are available for committee members
  • Ensure that committee members are aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Act as the ambassador and/or spokesperson for the Club
  • May be called upon to act as mediator

Skills Required

  • Confident and Effective communicator
  • Great organisation skills
  • Ability to delegate duties
  • Ability and knowledge to act as spokesperson for the Club
  • Unbiased and impartial
  • Strong and fair leadership skills
  • Be able to facilitate discussion and keep the debate focused
  • Be able to take decisive action
  • Be well informed about all aspects of the club
  • Be able to involve all Committee members in the decision-making process
  • Be able to maintain harmony within the group even when there is a disagreement